In the many years I have spent as a photographer, whether shooting reportage, portrait or some blend of both I have always appreciated the charm of the unpredictable. On location where everything but the kit is a variable, I have built a passion around hunting for images in places there may seem like none. 
This passion for the unplanned came from my beginnings shooting gigs in small venues and early morning landscapes (the product of very late nights). While Polar opposites in feel they were matched in their ability remain unpredictable.  I found that if you live with a  challenge for long enough it becomes preference and so whether i'm in a dingy club or windy beach in winter my intention is always to discover an image as opposed to design one.  That isn't to say I don't enjoy the creative control of a studio when I can but soon enough that endless supply of coffee and pastries leaves me longing for the panic of the unknown.  
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